Austrian Internet Measurements 🇦🇹

Johanna Ullrich


Johanna's ideas center around networks, particular measurement experiments and IPv6 - the Internet's protocol of the (hopefully not that distant) future. Among others, she has proven that the IPv6 Privacy Extension as specified in RFC 4941 and implemented in major operating systems is vulnerable and measured the impact of the GDPR on cookie-setting behavior. By training an electrical engineer, she is also interested in how the Internet could potentially harm critical infrastructures and has recently worked on attacks against the power grid. For more information, see

Florian Holzbauer


Working motto: Yes, we scan! - Florians interests lay in Internet-related measurements. He is currently investigating new solutions to enumerate the active IPv6 address space. He started his IT career as an intern in the IT-department of Wittmann Battenfeld. His internship was followed by a bachelor in IT-Security, a master in Information Security and now by an ongoing PhD. His ultimate goal is to develop alternatives to one entity being the gatekeeper of over 90% of searches in the Internet. For more information, see SBA Research

Markus Maier


Markus' interests lie in the underlying infrastructure of todays Internet and services. He currently is looking into routing problems in IPv6. For more information, see SBA Research