Austrian Internet Measurements 🇦🇹

Opt-out your network

If you experience any problems due to our scans or have further questions regarding these, please do not hesitate to contact us at In case of any technical issues with our scans, please contact us with technical and operational details of the issues you are facing. We will answer as soon as possible.

Since this research is valuable for the public understanding of the Internet and its functionality we would like to encourage you to allow for continued scans. However, if you would like to be permanently removed from our scans please provide us your prefixes that you would like to see excluded.

Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for any inconvenience.

The AIM team

At the moment we are scanning exclusively from:

Vantage Vienna:
inet6 2a01:190:151a:1::5ba:100
inet6 2a01:190:151a:1::5ba:200
inet6 2a01:190:151a:1::5ba:201
inet6 2a01:190:151a:1::5ba:202

Vantage Sydney:
inet6 2402:1f00:8100:400::1d66

Vantage Canada:
inet6 2607:5300:205:200::2b1e

We do not operate nor are we responsible for other machines or scans originating from other subnets.