Austrian Internet Measurements 🇦🇹

Welcome to public, open-source Internet-measurements located in Austria.

We are ERIS - the Networks and Critical Infrastructures Security Group - and operate Austrian Internet Measurements, a platform for Internet-wide measurements. It is our goal to operate Austrians first high-speed measurement server for academic and further non-commercial purposes. With this platform, we want to reach a better understanding of the current status of the Internet. Therefore, we follow the rules of good-Internet citizenship: We do not publish sensitive or personal data, neither, we target single networks or intend to harm any systems. If you still experience any issues with our active measurments, please feel free to contact us and opt-out from any measurements.

Mission Statement:

"Towards a more transparent Internet" - The number of Internet-connected devices inreases on a daily basis. Our goal is to keep track of this development, conduct measurements and point out weakpoints of current developments. We investigate protocol implementations, detect single-points of failure, conduct measurements and publish all our results. AIM always follows good-Internet citizenship. We do not publish sensitive or personal data, do not target single networks and do not intend to harm any systems.

If you are interested in the current status of the Austrian Internet make sure to visit again. We will update this site on a regular basis. More information will be readily available soon.

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About us

SBA Research was founded in 2006 as the first Austrian research center for information security by the TU Wien, the Graz University of Technology and the University of Vienna. In recent years, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten joined as academic partners.

Through scientific research of information security we develop practical and applicable solutions, while focusing on current issues like cyber security. SBA Research employs approx. 100 people and is by now the largest research center in Austria which exclusively addresses information security. The center is part of the Austrian COMET excellence program (COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies).